How Are Bullying Affect Children?

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Effects of Bullying
How could bullying effect children? Bullying is a form of aggression. When it comes to bullying, it could be the hardest task a child deals with in their younger age. (Kopasz,
Smokowski, 2004) Bullying of children has shown to have long term effects on children’s mental, physical, academic, and health growth which may lead to them having other social problems in their life. Bullying/victimization has been done since parents were younger, and it has continued in today’s generation. Although there are many adults acquainted with being bullied/victimized, it was not concurrent until the early 1970’s. (Olweus, 1973) (Olweus, 1978,
1997) had researched for over …show more content…

Victimization is an affiliation amongst younger, school-age, and teenage children that later causes depression and anxiety, absenteeism, and other social and mental problems.

(“Bullied as a child and still harmed as an adult”, 2014) There was a study to show

diagnosis of depression and anxiety in children who were bullied. Depression and anxiety are

the main effects that children deal with when being bullied. (“Anxiety”, 2017) Anxiety is an uneasiness or distress body reaction to a something stressful, dangerous, or unfamiliar.
(Smokowski & Kopasz, 2004) Victims start to suffer from body anxiety while being bullied.
They have the fear of being hurt or harmed by another individual. They tend to become unsuccessful at being active in sports or other physical activities, due to being feared of being harmed by someone else. (“What is depression”, 2017) Depression is a medical illness that affects how a person feels, think, and act, but it could be treated. (Smokowski & Kopasz, 2004)
Children start to feel abandoned by other children. They start to separate themselves from other children to feel safe. They start to feel rejected which lead them to feeling sadness always. …show more content…

It showed the educational level was low by midlife, no employment, no money compared to other peers, and they showed low satisfaction with their life.
Victimization has shown many effects on a child’s life as well as the adulthood, whether they suffered from depression, had thoughts of suicide, could not continue through school, or had a poor social life. Bullying played a major role in what happen within their life. Later in life when things are supposed to change, there are victims of bullying whom suffer from different health, mental, and physical problems daily. There life was traumatized by an individual whom had no self-love or respect for others, and they wanted the victim to feel the same. Bullying is an aggressive touch on someone’s life it could change them completely and affect the victim long- term in life. There are many ways to prevent bullying. Most children are afraid to speak out and let someone know they are being bullied. There should be a practice within the home to help prevent bullying. Parents should start being involved in a child’s life and help through tough situations when they

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