Workforce Diversity In Business Essay

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The Dilemma of Cross- Cultural Diversity in Modern Businesses



Workforce diversity is a multifaceted occurrence to manage in an organization. The management of workforce diversity as a method to increase organizational effectiveness cannot be ignored, especially with current changes widespread across the globe. “It is argued that organizations that value diversity will definitely cultivate success and have a future in this dynamic global labor market” (Jain and Verma, 1996).Workforce diversity management has become an important matter for both governments and private administrations. Its importance has mainly been brought about by the free movement of labor due …show more content…

Diversity includes cultural factors such as race, gender, age, color, physical ability, ethnicity, etc. “Diversity requires a type of organizational culture in which each employee can pursue his or her career aspirations without being inhibited by gender, race, nationality, religion, or other factors that are irrelevant to performance” (Bryan, 1999). Diversity in the workplace strives to make people of all backgrounds feel comfortable working within the organization. It further encourages equal opportunities among all employees or prospective employees to be hired and promoted based on merit not race, gender or belief.
Advantages of work force Diversity
Diversity at the workplace creates an opportunity for employee’s personal growth. When workers are being exposed to new cultures, ideas and perspectives, it can help each person to intellectually reach out and have a clearer insight of their place in the global environment and therefore their own surroundings. “Managing diversity can create a competitive advantage. Potential benefits of this diversity include better decision making, higher creativity and innovation, greater success in marketing to foreign and domestic ethnic minority communities, and a better distribution of economic opportunity (Cox, 1991; Cox and Blake,

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