Advantages Of Grammar Translation Method

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Grammar Translation Method Is it grammar translation method is useful to implement in the classroom? Have you ever heard about it? This method is not new in English language teaching, because it has been used by language teacher for many years. At the time, it was called “classical method” since it was first used in the teaching of the classical languages, Latin and Greek. There are many method that usually used by teacher to teach foreign languages. One of them is Grammar Translation Method. The characteristics of this method are used to teach grammar in the class, focused on translation and memorizing that given in native language. It was used for the purpose of helping students read and appreciate foreign language literature and also hoped that, through the study of the grammar of the target language, students would become more familiar with the grammar of their native language. Larsen-Freeman, 2000:11). From the statement, we can see that method is the way…show more content…
Besides that, grammar translation is easy to be implemented in learning process. The strength points of Grammar Translation Method are students will be able to master the appropriate structures of a language and mistakes made by them in applying speaking ability. The weakness point of Grammar Translation Method tends to be boring to the students in their learning activity. For students who early get bored, they will not be able to master grammar well. If the teacher uses the right method, the result of the study will be maximally. But, if the teacher choose and apply wrong or unsuitable method the result of learning will lack. In choosing the right method, especially for Grammar Translation Method make the teacher must analyze everything that is related to the language lesson. For example, the students, instrument, students ability or level and so
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