Advantages Of Heuristic Detection Techniques

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3.2. Heuristic detection technique
This technique is also known as proactive technique. This technique is similar to signature based technique, with a difference that instead of searching for a particular signature in the code, the malware detector now searches for the commands or instructions that are not present in the application program. The result is that, here it becomes easy to detect new variants of malware that had not yet been discovered. Different heuristic analysis techniques are:

3.2.1. File based heuristic analysis
It is also known as file analysis. In this technique, the file is analyzed deeply like the contents, purpose, destination, working of file. If the file contains commands to delete or harm other file, than it is …show more content…

It combines the code structure of program under inspection. If static analysis can calculate the malicious behavior in the application then this information can then be used for future security mechanism.
One of the advantages of static analysis is that the cost of computation is low. It requires less time and low resource consumption as well.
6. Disadvantage of Static Analysis
Static analysis does not take stand for analyzing the unknown malware. The source code of many applications is not easily available. Code obfuscation makes the pattern matching a major drawback in detecting the malicious behavior. For doing static analysis, researchers must be expert in assembly language and should have a deep understanding about the functioning of operating system.

7. Conclusion
Static analysis is a technique to detect malicious behavior by analyzing the code segments. This technique is carried out without running the application in an Android emulator or device. However, this technique has a major drawback of code obfuscation and dynamic code loading. This paper discusses about what is Android Static Malware analysis, different methods and techniques, types of static analysis and its components. This paper also states the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of static malware

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