Advantages Of Open Lunch

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When an argument is in the happening, it is always important to listen to, and understand both sides to the story. Such as how seniors, or even students in high school would like to have open lunch instead of having to stay in school during lunch hours. The administration is not allowing this to happen, for they believe they cannot trust the students enough. The reason they think they cannot trust the students is because of students breaking their trust in different matters. This has caused other students the inability to be given a chance at gaining a teacher, or even the administrations trust. But if the administration would look at this from the student’s point of view, they could possibly see why students are upset by not having an open lunch hour. The administration seems to think that all students will act the same if given the privilege of an open lunch hour. But this is because they aren’t looking at this from a student’s point of view. Many students are well behaved in school, and deserve trust from teachers and such. If those students aren’t allowed an open lunch hour, because of some irresponsible student actions, then you could see why that could be irritating to the well behaved students. Also if the schools lunch isn’t something that the student wants to eat that day, the student should be able to go out and eat, because lunch is a very important meal. I know that if I don’t eat a good breakfast, and I come to school I can’t really concentrate on working

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