Advantages Of Self-Driving Car

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Should Self-Driving Cars Become a Normal Method of Transportation?
Through improvements of technology during the 21st century, new inventions to the modern-day car have been applied and “the future” has arrived. The self-driving car facilitates the idea that humans don’t have to drive the car, but rather the car can drive itself. The cars recently debuted after being a concept in the making for several years. One example of the car in the making is Tesla, a car-producing company, that initiated a test-run of these cars calling the setting, “autopilot (Source 3).” The setting allowed the driver to sit back and relax as the car attempted to drive without assistance. The self-driving car should be a normal mode of transportation because they reduce accidents, are accessible to all ages, and are cost-efficient. Self-driving cars prevent accidents by reacting to stimuli faster than humans. Associated Press writes, “The system can brake when it spots obstacles and keep cars in lanes. (Source 3)” The cars can sense and save one when falling asleep from a long road trip or simply a night out. Furthermore, less accidents result in less traffic, which will result in decongested roads. The
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For example, Google’s version of the car has not been fully developed yet and they “…have only been designed to handle a few thousand miles of road. (Source 1)” Any road not downloaded on the map may cause the car to have a hard time finding unknown locations easily. However, as technology progresses, the problem should be resolved. Also, even if the self-driving car invented by Google can hold only a thousand miles, the daily routine of many workers and students don’t normally consist of travelling out of his or her area, but rather locally. Even if getting lost could be a future problem, cell phones help supplement the need to find a destination
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