Advantages Of The British Colonies

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The british were very unfair and very unattractive to the american colonies mostly because of power and money the american colonies just wanted independence and self ruling for their own colony that's why we had the american revolution. In the 1760s, shortly after the conclusion of the french and indian war, the british parliament passed a series of laws and taxes on the american colonies.They created unfair laws and taxes on the british.The colonist disagreed with great britain on the fairness of these laws and taxes which led to conflict between the two sides.Eventually, this erupted into the American Revolution.(doc 1) The american colonies wanted to make there own decisions and have their independence.But the british wanted to rule and make laws and taxes for the american colonies also to punish the americans for their wrong doings.The american colonies do organized protest in spite of these laws and actions.Patrick henry responds to the stamp act patrick says in one of his speeches king George is a tyrant he breaks rules he is a threat to his own people.When Patrick Henry puts that in his speech it really lets you know that what they were doing was wrong and for king George to be leading it makes it even worst because he knows what he is doing and did not really care alongs as the british colonies were getting money for the debt they were in after the French and Indian war. Their was a shot heard around the world in lexington this was really the start or

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