Advantages Of The Differentiated Classroom

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INTRODUCTION Both schools and educators are faced with the challenge of reaching the needs of all the learners needs irrespective of their social academic and developmental levels. Classrooms are not homogenous; on the contrary, they are heterogeneous mix of learners with different abilities and educational needs. Consequently teachers ought to be masters of differentiating the curriculum in order to meet the needs of all students and to provide all students with the opportunity to learn and grow. ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL Differentiated instructed is not a new concept, it is an old philosophy based on the premise that educators must adopt instruction to student differences, which include but not limited to interests, readiness levels and learning preferences. Cord Ann Tomlinson, associate professor at the university of Virginia and author of the 1999 ASCD book.’’ The differentiated classroom, responding to the needs of all learners’’ breaks down curriculum into three categories, content, process and procedure. Content is the principle and skills that teachers want learners to learn, this invariably means that all learners including …show more content…

Not all students need to go to all stations at all times. So this is flexible grouping. Compacting : This strategy encourages educators to assess students before beginning a unit of study or the development of a particular skill. This means students who do well in the pre-assessment don’t continue to work on what they know. Agendas : Are personalized list of tasks that a student must complete in a specified time. Invariably student agendas in a class will have similar and dissimilar elements. Complex instruction : involves the use of challenging materials open-ended tasks, and small instructional groups. However the educator must move among the group as they work, asking questions and probing the students

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