Advantages Of Year Round School

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Over the many years schools have been trying to find the most efficient way for kids to learn. There has been everything from constant review, and going over past material to be able to teach the new. There is however a new way to get the kids to remember old material. And this method has been implemented into school schedules all over the globe. That method is year round school. Recent as well as past studies show that year round school is the most efficient productive way for kids to learn. It has been said that students tend to forget during 3 month long summer vacations (USA Today 7). There is evidence that supports this claim in the difference in test scores between schools with normal schedules, and schools who follow the year round guidelines. …show more content…

It gives students a lot more time to study during the regular school year. It also helps in the way that teachers will no longer have to cram if a certain class is behind on a lesson. Teachers will be able to take their time, and finish the lessons out with detail and structure. There is also convenience in a sense that teachers will no longer have to spend the first few weeks of the year reviewing. In most schools the first few week’s time is spent by reteaching curriculum that was already taught in years past (USA Today 7). Another thing year round school will help with is not having to make up for a holiday or snow day. Most schools make up for the school days that were missed because of these reasons. During year round school these days that are missed will not have to be worried about. Parent teacher conferences also fall under this same category. Teachers do not need to work around these school dismissals anymore during the year round school schedule. Most year round school schedules have 45 days of school and are followed up by 15 days off (USA Today 7). The 15 days off will give students that time to recuperate that was mentioned earlier. The breaks in between the 45 days really give the students time to “bounce back” and continue to learn throughout the year. This time also gives students more time to work on a project or essay with specific due dates. The tasks can be completed at the correct time, with very little chance of cramming at the last

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