Advantages and Disadvantages of Refugee Movements to both Recieving and Losing Countries

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Mass population movements were a major feature of the 20th century; armed conflicts have increasingly targeted civilians and led to enforced migration. No area of the world has been spared - from Indonesia to Sierra Leone, Bosnia to Nicaragua - forming groups of people that we now called Refugees. A Refugee is someone who has fled his or her country because he or she fears persecution based on race, religion, nationality, social group, or political opinion. The definition is sometimes expanded to include people fleeing war or other armed conflict. Asylum seekers are quite different than Refugees and they are usually defined as people who claim to be a refugee. Often, an asylum seeker must undergo a legal procedure in which the host…show more content…
These statistics are not exact as internally displaced persons are often unreliable and fragmentary but a close estimate is always taken. Sudan stands at number one with four million internally displaced persons followed by Angola, then Columbia, Congo, and then Myanmar, surprisingly Syria remains much higher than Israel which is also higher than Palestine and those in the Gaza Strip and West Bank with 170,00 displaced persons in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, Israel 200,000-250,000 people and Syria much higher at 500,000 persons. Iraq remains much higher at number 9 and has the greatest number in the Middle East (Figures from: Refugees also cause problems to both countries that they already leave but are more of an international concern and more specifically countries that share borders with these countries which have large numbers of refugees. In the Netherlands, the numbers of refugees are increasing. Most of these people are hosted in large asylum centers throughout the whole country; not only in the large city areas. As in other countries refugees can meet two kinds of reactions from native Dutch people: anti or pro. Especially in small rural communities the reactions towards asylum seekers and the asylum centers are often aggressive in the

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