Advantages and Uses of Biofuels Essay examples

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Definition: According to Dr Andrew Zimmerman Jones, the Definition of energy is: Energy is the capacity of a physical system to perform work. Energy exists in several forms such as heat, kinetic or mechanical energy, light, potential energy, electrical, or other forms (1) A simpler definition is: Energy is the ability to do work and cause change (2) Renewable vs. non renewable: The definition of bio fuels: “Bio fuel is defined as solid, liquid or gaseous fuel obtained from relatively recently lifeless or living biological material and is different from fossil fuels, which are derived from long dead biological material. Also, various plants and plant-derived materials are used for bio fuel manufacturing.” (3)…show more content…
How the energy functions in nature: Sugarcane itself looks like bamboo stalks and it is in the stalks that the plant stores energy that it doesn’t need straight away – rather like animals make fat. People like sugar for its sweetness and the energy it provides, so farmers grow these plants commercially to extract the sugar. Most of Australia’s sugarcane is grown along the coast of Queensland, and the rest is grown in northern New South Wales and the Ord region in Western Australia. (5) The uses of Bio fuels: Bio fuel is being used in many ways. One of the most common uses for Bio fuel is to power vehicles. There are two common ways to produce liquid bio fuels. One is to grow crops high in sugar such as sugar cane, sugar beet or corn. They then use yeast to help ferment the crops into ethanol. Ethanol is a bio fuel. The second way to make bio fuel is to grow plants high in oil. Examples of these plants are oil palm and soya bean. These oils are taken from the plants, heated to make them runny and then used in diesel engines. Wood and things made from wood can also be used to make bio fuels like methanol and ethanol. Bio fuel made from sugary substances is used in cars with petrol engines. These are the most common types of car engines. Bio fuel made from oily plants is used in diesel engines. Diesel engines are common in trucks, tractors and heavy machinery. Bio fuels are made by harvesting
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