Advantages of Technology in K12 Schools

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While computers and technology have become an integral part of society today, schools and colleges, for the most part, seem to generally avoid the use of communication devices in the classroom. In fact, many teachers, especially those who are from a more traditional teaching background, appear to regard devices such as cellphones in the classroom as some sort of "evil" to be entirely avoided. Students caught using these devices are then punished by methods such as confiscating the cellphones to be handed back after the class or after another specified length of time. Shelly, Gunter and Gunter (2011, p. 1), however, suggest that technology in the classroom is a vital component to help students make the most not only of their experience in the classroom, but also to benefit in terms of learning. Because computers, technology, and the Internet form such a vital part of our lives today, it is important to use this component to enhance the learning process. The authors also emphasize, however, that the use of technology in the classroom is not without its pitfalls and controversies. Indeed, cellphones, as mentioned above, could be extremely distracting when their use is not strictly monitored. Also, not all teachers are equally willing or able to enhance their own knowledge of computers in order to use this effectively in their classrooms. For this reason, entities such as the International Society for Technology in Education (2012) have published the NETS document to
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