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BTEC Diploma in Travel and Tourism Level 3
Unit 14 – Specialist Tourism
P3 – Produce a market profile for a chosen type of specialist tourism
Melissa Bottomley
Reflecting back to the types of specialist tourism featured in P1, individually and after negotiation with your tutor, you should select a specific specialist tourism type you wish to focus on.
You will be assessed on the presentation of your research and findings to your tutor and selected peers. You need to include:
The main providers
Their size e.g. market share, turnover, growth
Typical locations around the world for the type of specialism
Components of the holidays e.g. transport, accommodation, guides, specialist equipment, instruction, insurance, general resources
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Headwater offers canoeing, kayaking, white waterwater rafing holidays to name a few, mainly in Europe as well as selected worldwide destinations. They also offer independnat walking and cycling from hotel to hotel.

The evolved trend of people now have more concern of the role of leisure in their lives. Leisure has become a very important part of life, and has positevly impacted on the demand for tourism in many different ways, including Adventure Tourism. People now lead hard lives, spending most time at work and therefore lacking clear meaning in life. This encourages people to now search for meaning and fulfilment through adventure activities and experience something which is impossible in everyday life.
Explores holidays products are targeted towards the hard adventurur such as major treks and wilderness experincess but they also appeal to soft adventure market, for instance 'easy to moderate hikes'


The Office of National Statistics predicts average growth in the following demographic groups to 2033. 7% growth to 30.6m adults in the 16-49 age group 19% growth to 16.3m adults in 50-69 age group.

Adventure travellers are also more
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