Essay on Adventures of Sir Victor Crimson

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Over a two hundred year ago, there was a great knight by the name of Sir Victor Crimson who was a great protector of the land and loyal to his lord. He fought valiantly in the battle against the warrior of the north and the invader from the south that try to take the king’s throne. As an award for his heroism in those battles he was given a sword with a jewel in the hilt which latter would be his downfall to darkness.
One day a mighty dragon had arrived in the kingdom from the north. With the crises on his hands, the king had sent his knights to fight the creature, but they when to slay the beast but they came back a failure. Sir Crimson, being the cunning man that he realizes that the dragon had a magic origin, so it can be only can be …show more content…

The land celebrated the defeat of the mighty dragon, but Sir Crimson had changed a man. The sword started to change him into a monster slowly. He started to have dark thought that he never thought before. He wanted more; more fame, more land, he wanted the throne. He was the one that slays the dragon; he should be the one to rule. He started to plan to dethrone the king. He tried to recruit his fellow knights. They were revolted by his proposal, they detained him immediately.
The king knew that his knight was not in his right mind and was being corrupted by the magic sword. He orders that the witch to be found, so that the spell on his knight can break and his knight would return to normal. The witch was found and brought to the king.
“Witch, break the spell on my knight and I might spear your life.” The king of the land ordered the witch before him.
“The spell cannot be broken. The spell on the sword was strong enough to slay the dragon just what the knight wanted. I told him that it might corrupt him, but he did not listen to me and now he has paid the price; his humanity.” The witch said smoothly.
“What if we destroy the sword?”
“That would not help him, my lord. It has already corrupted his soul. The man you knew is gone and is replaced with the man who had planned to dethrone you. As for the sword I would suggest that no one with a weak will

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