Adverse Effects Of Standardized Testing On Students

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Growing up as a kid I took many timed standardized tests: Such as, the infamous MEAP, Aspire and ACT tests. These test are used to measure the students’ progress through hours of testing over the course of a few days. Although, the test are a good indicator of how well we are learning there are some negative cogitation with standardized testing. On average a student’s takes a total 112 mandated standardized tests in their school career (Layton, 2015). This number is significant in the fact that this is over the course of just 12 years. Furthermore, “research has demonstrated that some of the adverse effects of high-stakes testing on students include illness, anxiety, and heightened levels of stress.” (Colwell, 2013)These test should be held …show more content…

In document provided by Gale database they say, ” Far from promoting equity and access in college admissions, we found that—compared with traditional indications of academic achievement—the SAT had a more adverse impact on low-income and minority applicants. “ ("Should Standardized Tests Be a Factor in College Admissions?", 2015) This document shows that well agreed with idea of standardized testing show discrepancies in the ability of those test to show true achievements, and gives a biased showing of what the student’s abilities …show more content…

Public schools become overcrowded more and more overcrowded making it hard for teacher to connect with students struggling with the concepts needed to not necessarily be successful in college but to be able to pass the test. Then, the problem of the schooling budget cuts.These cuts take away the schools to have as many of the good teachers that they need to help better educate the students. The teachers that are there trying to teach all the kids in their classes, but with the lower number of the teaching staff become stretched out. This factor affects the student who cannot get the help they need, because their family is in the financial situation to not being able to afford to get their children to the “better” schools with enough people to better the chances of passing these

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