The Negative Effects Of Standardized Testing

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Teachers used to teach to students and for students, now they teach for test; today, “45 percent of National Education Association teacher members surveyed considered leaving the profession of teaching due to the adverse effects of standardized testing.” Testing has evolved over time from basic reading, writing, and arithmetic to curriculum based on standardized testing such as the ACT, SAT, and TCAP. Many years ago, students did not have to take as many tests, and there were not as many opportunities for different types of classes. Schools have evolved as standardized test evolved, and this has forced teachers to evolve as well. As time progressed, the frequency of these standardized test increased and the student scores were used more …show more content…

If a student is unable to understand the material, make it to school, or receive additional help at home then it will impact their test scores negatively which then reflect upon the teacher. The SEDL report, A New Wave of Evidence found that “students with involved parents, no matter their income or background, are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores.” The outside factors should not necessarily reflect a teacher’s ability to teach, and educators should not be held accountable for factors outside of the classroom.
Everyone wants to go to a school that has high academic achievement and good test scores. In recent years, schools have increased pressure on the teachers to make sure that their students have good test results. These scores have an impact on a teacher’s effectiveness evaluation, salary, and job stability. This trend has caused some teachers to start “teaching to the test” rather than teaching to the individual student’s needs. All schools are not equal; they may have different demographics and resources that can affect test results. If one school has assets such as books, calculators, and computers their test results may be higher than a school who cannot afford it. If a school cannot provide students who need extra help and there are no tutors or specialist available, then they may score poorly on standardized tests.

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