Advertisements And The Internet Of American Advertising

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Advertisements and The Internet “Burn it up and Flush it out !” The prominent Kim Kardashian commercial regarding the weight loss supplement, QuickTrim aired on television years ago, in order to display that it is easy to have one’s dream body in a blink of an eye through one commercial. This method of twisting the truth is then applied when a person logs onto Twitter a few hours later and sees pictures of the Kardashian sisters posing and showing off their bodies, the ones that they achieved simply from the use of QuickTrim. It makes one believe this product has the ability to make one look desirable. Advertisements and the Internet have the power to do this through different techniques. Jack Solomon mentions in his passage “Master of Desires: The Culture of American Advertising” the different advertising methods that promoters use to get people to buy their products. In the passage “Everything is Trolling” Daniel D’Addario mentions America’s use of the internet analogously through those methods that are used in advertisement. One method being through manipulation, another way through fantasies, and lastly, through illusions. Solomon claims in the passage that advertisements manipulate rather than persuade. He mentions how advertisements appeal to our subconscious emotions rather than to one 's conscious intellect. He puts forth the argument that advertisement uses the method of manipulation to grab one’s attention. Solomon states “Appearing as a full-color, four page
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