Advertising Identity And Identity

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Advertisements are a large part of the world's daily life. Ads show up on billboards as people drive their cars, in the newspapers, and all over the internet regardless of what site an individual is on at that moment. The advertisers stalk and take notes on what people do while they are online, if an individual is shopping for shoes, miraculously shoe ads will pop up on any other website that person is looking at. The web is creating a personal profile of what each person looks at helping them target which ads to show to each person, hoping to increase in profit. That is to say, if corporations can track what a person looks at and they gear the ads that person sees towards the individual's interests, then that person will be more likely to click the ad and buy the product. When corporations are guiding ads specific to an individual's online history, they create an advertising identity for that person. That advertising identity differs from one's actual identity, which is defined most easily as what an individual thinks of his or her self. To some people there is little difference between the two identities, however it is more likely that the two identities are vastly different. In my life, advertisements are typically directed towards expensive clothing and shoes, however this is not a true depiction of who I am as a person.

While similarities are hard to come by between my ad identity and my actual identity, some of the qualities and traits are shared. The fact that

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