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Throughout time many companies change their methods of advertising due to the change in times and African Americans being accepted into society as equal. In “‘Dinnertimin’ and ‘No Tipping’: How Advertisers Targeted Black Consumers in the 1970s” it goes over some strategies that companies like Mcdonald's and Winston used to get the attention of African American societies. While some advertisements used images to represent how “cool and rich” you can be with there product, others used words that had African American slang in order to catch minorities attention. Furthermore the author uses these examples to show how effective these advertisements where and how they have affected the society we live in today. I believe these infomercials were effective because regardlessly they got a response to their advertisement.
Moreover in order for companies to stay in business they must first be able to catch the audience attention. During the early 1970s companies such as Coca-Cola and McDonald's did such by increasing their racial diversity. This indeed changed how companies viewed advertising, furthermore now they weren't only approaching one kind of race, but also having to advertise products for minorities. However the first to do this was the Jello company by hiring Bill Cosby, to be there spokesperson. Unfortunately due to the poor understanding of minorities companies like McDonald's actually made it worse for African American society by giving them a misleading demographic of

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