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Who should you ask for relationship advice? Getting the wrong advice can make matters worse. Do you ask the friend with the seemingly happy relationship? Or the one who survived a breakup and knows what not to do? The fact is, both kinds of people have some useful information to share. Some relationship advice that never fails is, when you are talking to someone, ask yourself “Are my words and actions loving and kind?” You can’t go wrong there. One problem I’ve seen is, sometimes the folks who seem to need relationship advice are guys, and they never ask for advice. That would be like asking for directions, right? (I’m kidding, and I’m a guy so I can make fun of guys all I want.) Here is some relationship advice for both men and women, that I’ve heard from a variety of people with successful and not-so successful relationships. 1. The courtship should never end. People are on their best behavior during the dating phase, but once they settle down they might get lazy. This is one reason that some people have a fear of commitment. They worry that once “the honeymoon is over” so to speak, the other person will take them for granted. They see it happen to other couples. On the other hand, if we continue to make an effort to “woo” the other person, we will continue to get a positive response from them. Hopefully they…show more content…
Avoid people who are negative about relationships. There are some people out there who seem to have a virus that causes breakups. Be careful who you spend time with. If one of your friends is constantly talking about relationship problems and saying negative comments about yours, run away. I once knew some people who all lived on the same street and were friends. One couple broke up and soon all of them were breaking up. The one couple spent all of their time complaining to the rest about their partners. Soon everyone was in the same negative groove, focusing on their partner’s faults. Be careful what you focus on, it may just show up in your
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