Advocacy For The Elderly

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Senior Care: Change Theory for Social Change Valencia Wright HUMN 6660: Social Change, Leadership, and Advocacy for Human Services Professionals Professor: Dr. Veronica Carey Walden University September 25, 2016 My issue that I will talk about in my paper is the lack of long term care for the elderly or seniors. I would like to see the elderly have a place to stay and receive all of the services that he/she need to continue to survive. It is a shame that some of our elderly are pushed out of nursing homes or residential care because he/she does not have the proper insurance that will pay for them to stay or just does not have any family that will assist them. Social change in the elderly consist of decreasing of the life span.…show more content…
When an elderly person does not have anyone to talk to for him/her, advocacy is a reasonable way to give voice to our knowledge and values on behalf of and partnership with the ones who voices are not being listen to (Homan, 2016). Elderly are mostly involved with the form of advocacy which is called case advocacy. Case advocacy is a form of advocacy that is practiced by health and human services. This happens when you are not dealing with a situation that requests for you to cooperate to help people get the support they deserve. This could cause to create changes in the situation, this change may not be long lasting and then may not help others that do not have the advocate (Homan,…show more content…
The role of the Professional Patient Advocate is to embody the patient and family and foremost, nonetheless of the organization. This organization must know his/her capacity of practice and work within his/her capacity of practice. Then members of the healthcare team need to utilized because they need to meet the request of a client is beyond the individual advocate amount of practice. The Professional Patient Advocate need to provide the patient and the family with documents of what they discuss and the role of functions. Accountability is when the organization is held responsible for the work that’s be done on their
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