Aeneas As A Good Leader In The Aeneid

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Aeneas was a good leader because he was brave, strong, and selfless. The Aeneid was written by Virgil during the reign of Augustus in 19 BCE, and the character of Aeneas was meant to represent Augustus and suggest that Augustus was a direct descendant of Aeneas. Many historians think that Virgil sounded a bit sarcastic when stating how great Aeneas was, implying he himself was not a fan of Emperor Augustus. Throughout the book, Aeneas is referred to as “The Great and Good” and other phrases along those lines, and is always spoken of as a great hero. He does things such as kill deer for his men, or survive a terrible storm, and he even has the approval of the great god Jupiter. Aeneas is a demigod, (his mother is Venus), making him more powerful and respected than any other Trojan men. The Romans valued physical and mental strength, both of which Aeneas has.
First of all, when Aeneas shoots down seven deer for his men after they are shipwrecked, this shows that he is both physically strong and selfless. Aeneas volunteers to find food for the men, and as they are presumably all tired and traumatized, it is noble of him to do this, as well as amazing that he still has the strength and stamina to do this after the shipwreck. In lines 189 - 194, it says,
“First he shot down the leaders, who carried high their antlered heads, then at the rest let fly
nor stopped his archery till his shafts had laid seven aground - for each ship one fat deer.”
While nowadays it is

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