Aesop’s Fables

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Aesop’s Fables Introduction: I already know a good amount about the Aesop’s fables before doing any real research. Almost everyone as a child was introduced to the stories such as “the boy who cried wolf” or “the tortoise and the hare”. As a child many adults would read these stories to me because they have a very strong moral. It can guide children to do the right thing when they are in doubts. I have a very personal experience with the tortoise and the hare because since I am a tennis player, my coaches would always mention these stories in regarding to practice and how we should be playing. This actually taught me a lot and made me the player I am today. I know that all fables are made up so that they can teach a life lesson/moral to…show more content…
These are both stories that have animals as characters and convey a moral for the characters action. For example, the tortoise and the hare is the story of a hare that was way too cocky and thought he could run really fast then take a nap and run fast again while the tortoise was a humble animal and just went at a slow pace to the finish line. The tortoise ended up winning because while the hare was sleeping, he was going at his slow pace but did not stop until he finished. This is a typical type of fable because it is short and sweet, has animals as characters, and shows a moral that comes out of the characters actions. Many fables have good and bad animal characters to convey the good things that come from good actions, and the bad things from bad actions. The majority of the fables you will read will have characters that show what happens to the good animal and what happens to the bad one. Stories like, the tortoise and the hare, the bat and the birds, the dog and the wolf, and the fox and the goat are just a few to name. In all of them however we see the good that comes from being someone good and the bad for the bad character. This is what conveys the moral and shows the reader how you want to be. These animals help show the moral because as animals we feel for them and it shows us what happens when you’re good or bad. And it is also easier for kids to relate to animals rather than anything else because they get attached to them and since fables
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