Fable Essay

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Once upon a time there lived a lanky little rat named Rudy. Rudy’s fur was very dull and felt like needles. She lived in a tiny village where all the animals knew each other. Every afternoon she would meet with her friends at the riverbank to tell stories of their morning. One day Rudy scurried to the riverbank excited to share with her friends a cheesecake she had baked just for them, but when she arrived at the meeting spot, no one was there. Worried and confused, Rudy hurried in to town to look for her friends there. Just as she reached the main road, her body froze as she watched the most beautiful creature strolling through town. Rudy looked around and noticed she was not the only animal in the village mesmerized by this beautiful…show more content…
Without hesitation, Rudy broke off a limb much larger than her lanky self. Struggling to drag the limb to the river, she found enough strength to sling it into the treacherous waters and keep a hold as her long tail wrapped around for a tight grip. Finally after minutes of battling with the unforgiving rapids, she caught up with the lion cub. Thankfully, the limb was just enough floatation for the both of them. Together they were able to safely find a way back to shore. Exhausted and scared to death, Rudy and the lion cub lay on the bank trying to catch their breath. Rudy’s damp coat looked its usual dull color with its spikey texture. Under the alarming circumstances, she had forgotten about her desire to look beautiful. Rudy was only concerned about saving the lion cub. After a few minutes the lion cub scooped Rudy into his paws and thanked her for saving his life.
Later that night, the whole town gathered to celebrate Rudy, the town hero. “Why is everyone praising me?’ Rudy asked, “I am not attractive and graceful like Geraldine?’ She admitted. “Do you not see Rudy, beauty is only skin deep.” Replied a friend. At that moment Rudy understood. Her heart of gold shone through and was much more attractive than any outward beauty. From then on, Rudy went back to her old ways watching out for her neighbors and caring for others. Geraldine was no longer the talk of the town. Instead all of the animals mimicked Rudy’s thoughtful behavior
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