Affence Positive Influence On Children

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Parents should consider the negative influence celebrities have on children when depicted as role models because of how the children mimic celebrities, get brought down by what they can’t do, and how celebrities don’t take action for not being a true role model.

Children manipulate and mimic a lot of things celebrities do, even if they are bad, so they aren’t able to distinguish the good from the bad. For example, the author states “A diminished emphasis on the actual consequences of wrongdoing confuses children into believing whatever bad things celebrities do are excusable and, thus, should apply to them” (Christina Hamlett). This shows that celebrities do many wrong things, but children don’t see the wrong in whatever they are doing. Their thinking of what is right and wrong is altered. This also shows why the parents should be there to teach their children the right and wrong things, not the celebrities. Additionally, another author states, “Many celebrities don’t make a secret of alcohol or drug abuse and the glamorization of dying due to an overdose in the media might make your child feel that using these substances is acceptable” (Eliza Martinez). This explains that when children find out famous celebrities drink alcohol, they think they can too. It leads them to make the choice that drinking and drugs aren’t a bad thing. It also shows that celebrities alter the way children believe what is good and bad. Since they want to become the celebrity, they believe they

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