Celebrities As Role Models

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Most people would say that in order to be considered a good role model, you first need to be considered a good person. A good person is typically a person who has empathy for others, tries their best to make good decisions, and follows the law. After reading this description, of what a good person is, celebrities would not typically be the first group of people that would pop into your head because of their bad reputations, but that doesn't mean that all public figures are known for their bad choices. Celebrities should be famous for their talents and skills in some sort of field, or they could just have a great life story and have done great things in their life which inspired people to do the same. After all, everyday people run red lights all the time and no one would ever know, but the moment a celebrity gets one traffic ticket, it will be instantly posted all over every single magazine and news station. Public figures should be considered role models because, many public figures can serve as inspiration to do great things and a great example of what can happen if you make bad decisions. Public figures inspire children all over the world and give them the confidence to do great things with their life. Many young girls today will look up to successful female athletes such as Ronda Rousey, Gabby Douglas, and Serena Williams. They are not only great athletes, they are also evidence to young women everywhere that if you work as hard as you can, then you can be as

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