Affirmative Action On The Workplace

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Affirmative Action in the Workplace
Affirmative action for many years has been viciously misinterpreted by many employers and managers that hire new employees. Affirmative action was designed to eliminate any discrimination among qualified employees that were competing for a job. However, in recent years it has backfired and created an entirely new discrimination. This problem arises when companies are told to meet a certain quota for each different race and gender no matter what the circumstances. Now do we as future managers want to be hiring under qualified employees for the sake of meeting a quota? Most people I think would agree with me and say no. Affirmative action “as it stands today” is wrong and should be reformed in an effort to accomplish an anti discriminatory workforce.
It is my belief, and to many others’ beliefs, that affirmative action has failed as a whole. An example of this would be that some Caucasian employees may come to think less of minorities in the workplace. This is a direct result of how some minorities may have received the job position they currently hold. When affirmative action was governed into law during the Civil Rights Era it was set out to abolish hatred among different races. This, however, has not gone as planned. Some Caucasian co-workers view their fellow African American employees as insignificant or deficient in some way merely because of the fact that affirmative action got them where they are today. Needless to say, affirmative

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