Affirmative Action Plan.

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Affirmative Action Plan

Affirmative action is a plan to promote the efforts of employers, schools and other organizations to recruit and hire groups that have previously been discriminated against. It is important to note that affirmative action programs do not require employers to hire unqualified people for a job. Equal employment opportunity is used to describe policies that prohibit discrimination of any kind. Affirmative action is a program that analyses the make up of the current workforce, establishes guidelines to insure an employer is not underutilizing certain groups and identifies and removes barriers for employment. Equal employment is the legislation that provides the oversight and investigates any allegations of …show more content…

It is important to tie the affirmative action objectives to an individual 's performance and part of the review process. This will ensure adherence.

6. The communication plan is another crucial part of the program and involves many steps. Employers should get the word out that they are an equal opportunity employer. Communicating this message is great publicity. Unless it is communicated effectively no one will know.

Communications must be used to promote implementation internally. Posters can be put up throughout the facility or special edition newsletters to create enthusiasm for the program. The next level of communication is to go out into the communities by placing advertisements in local papers, talks with the local officials to gain support. Perhaps by establishing an arrangement to get applicant referrals through various state agencies, college placement offices and labor organizations perspective employees can be canvassed.

Develop the appropriate communication strategies to target the right candidates for openings. If women are being sought after, then perhaps placing advertisements in a journal or periodical that has a higher female readership.

Provide written notification of company affirmative action policy to subcontractors, vendors and suppliers and make sure that the company is partnering with the right mix. Today it is very important to align with other organizations that are minority owned.


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