Affirmative Pros And Cons

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Affirmative are programs that help minority groups and African American male and female in order to make up from any discrimination from majority. Affirmative Action or usually call as AA has a goal to help them to gain access to jobs, university, or other special opportunity in a country. This policy is want to effort the inequality in our society. By setting the different standard between majority and minority, it is hoped that greater percentage of minority group will have status and same opportunity in society. On this point, we can say that is morally defensible.

There is a case, A and B wants to apply to the university where A is from majority and B is from the minority. There is just one more chair is available, A has 4,00 GPA and A has high standard and B has 2,5 GPA and B don’t have high standard as A. From our perspective that A will be the one who have the chair, but based on Affirmative Action policy B will be get the chair. In this case, …show more content…

Students or workers which come from majority will get boost and motivation from disadvantages that they got from AA to be succeed. AA is increasing diversity, because people will mingle to each other and between minority and majority is having same right in the university as a collage. AA is increasing the opportunity for majority, woman or any would be suspected to discriminate to speaks and learn as what white learn.

The disadvantages of Affirmative Action are the policy is sometimes is indefensible which make reverse racism. AA is may result to the economy at large, we know that people from collage will work and they should have high quality but AA sometimes is not think to people quality side and productivity. College and University will lose some of the proactive

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