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Alternative Solutions Undocumented immigrants are introducing serious diseases, including Swine flu, cold, influenza, and tuberculosis to the United States, and these diseases cause a threat to other U.S. population. Some of these people lack vaccinations, such as measles, chickenpox, and influenza that make the elders and children more susceptible to disease. If we include illegal immigrants into the Affordable Care Act, they are able to receive extensive healthcare in getting vaccinations and testing. In addition, they are able to go the primary care physician to receive treatment. The United States have a better control over the spread of diseases if all the immigrants receive proper health treatment. The main goals of Affordable Care …show more content…

The United States can keep the cost down by using a common free schedule, lowering fees of the services, and monitoring the cost spending just like France and Japan have done. No matter how many patients that the hospital and providers have admitted, they get similar pay rates for each patient they get to see, so providers cannot choose patients who pay them higher generously than low insurers, such as Medicaid and Medicare. For technology such as MRI and X-ray, the doctors and physicians can share with other providers. This will decrease the cost in technology and administrative costs and increase necessary care and number of visits. The United States should be more flexible in certain costs by lowering fees if one area of the health care spending grows faster than the other. The government should create a non-profit organization just like CNMATS in France to check the spending across all the healthcare services. The organization can allow physicians to prescribe and encourage them to use the generic drugs when …show more content…

Quality is an important factor that affects an organization’s service delivery approach or underlying system of care. To achieve a different level of performance and improve quality, an organization’s system needs to change its own delivery system and key processes. The resources (inputs) and activities carried out are addressed together to ensure or improve quality of care. A health service delivery system can be small and simple, such as an immunization clinic or large and complex or a managed care organization. A health care delivery system consists of resources, activities, and results. Activities or processes within a healthcare organization contain focuses on what care is provided and how is done based on the location, time, and patients of the care delivery. Providing services that meet the needs and expectations of patients and their community, including system that affect patient access, care provision that is evidence-based, patient safety, support for patient engagement, coordination of care with other parts of the larger health care system, and cultural competence, including assessing health literacy of patients, patient-centered communication, and linguistically appropriate

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