African American Students And Special Education

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In education, the main goal is for all students to receive an equal and optimal opportunity for success, which also includes students with special needs. To ensure this aim is reached, schools ought to have measures in place to establish students who necessitate special education services to achieve and progress in their schooling. Contradictory to this idea, nonetheless, learners are inaccurately referred for special education placement. The process begins to become questionable when it happens recurrently and predominantly to one group of minority students, as is the case for African-American students. There is certainly a problem of disproportionality in special education population and creates a cause for concern and investigation. As stakeholders examine general education program practices, they will discover that there are many factors contributing to the overrepresentation of minorities in special education. The characteristics of educators having the greatest influence on their decision to refer African American students for special education are cultural differences, insufficient professional development, and poor general instruction.
In the United States, white supremacy is still prominent. While some may disagree and believe the gaps are closing regarding equality in education, it is evident that Caucasian students are given more privileges. Jordan (2005) research shows that an educator’s assumptions and judgments have a significant responsibility for placing…
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