African Americans And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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The education system in the mid-twentieth south was tremendously violent and hard for many African Americans. Not only did they have to fight for basic human rights, and equality, but they had to fight for the right to learn. The schools discriminated against them and weren 't accepting in anyway. They were not only targeting the students seeking knowledge, but the educators who attempted to teach them. Educators caught teaching a black student, would be prosecuted, threatened, or even murdered. May schools were persuaded to not teach those of color. The school system was fully corrupt and unfair to African Americans and preserved the status quo. In the life of Anne Moody, she was tormented and scorn for an education.

The Civil Rights movement was one biggest fights against Racism and Segregation during the 1960s. During this time many African Americans were persecuted and punished for wanting basic human rights, and rights the whites obtained. African Americans were victims to abuse, verbal and physical harassment and in many cases murder. White supremacists wanted all the power and when African Americans fought back they were given Jim Crow laws. These laws considered the blacks and whites “equal” but separate. This wasn’t the case though, African Americans always got the shorter end of the stick. Government, schools, and many white supremacists didn’t want African Americans to get an education because then they wouldn 't “know their place”. Fighting for a better

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