African Racial Segregation

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Racial segregation is an issue all around the world, and has been for as far back as the 1800’s. In 1948, the South African government made apartheid a law which means that South Africa’s white minority and the non-white majority will be separated for everyday life. This caused issues and has a bad result for the apartheid supporters. The apartheid lasted for fifty two years ending in 1990; this law cause many economical, governmental, and segregational problems.
In Afrikaans, apartheid means “separation”, which was one of the main problems during this time period. People were separated into four groups: white, Banku(black), colored(mixed), and Indian(History of Apartheid in South Africa). Some of the non-whites got an education, but they did …show more content…

This land was to give the Bantu’s rights and consider them citizens which gave them full political rights, but in result, removed them from the nation’s political body. In order for the Bantu’s to live in the Bantustans, they had to be removed from their homes in the white areas, leading their houses to be sold for cheap to farmers. The Bantustans were not successful because it caused 3.5 million people to be living in poverty. This led to protests, violent and nonviolent, which eventually caused a group of people known as The Congress of the People to get together and declare South Africa a place for all races to live in. A Public Safety and the Criminal Law was passed which allowed the government to make “emergency calls” which resulted in whippings, fines, and imprisonments. In 1960, police opened fire on a group of blacks because they showed up to the police station without passes. This ended up with sixty seven dead and hundred eighty severely wounded. Those police officers ended up being arrested or executed. Nelson Mandela worked in the military wing ANC, and was “incarcerated from 1963-1990” to help get people on board to stop apartheid all

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