Aft2 Task 1 Accreditation Audit

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With all of the possible problems that could occur during surgery, a wrong-site, wrong-patient mistake is one that should never arise. Nightingale Community Hospital (NCH) fully understands the importance of doing away with these errors and has set up protocol to work towards this goal. While the protocol is in place, it is not fully compliant with Joint Commission (JC) standards.
Standard: UP.01.01.01: Conduct a preprocedure verification process. Nightingale Community Hospital has a Site Identification and Verification policy and procedure. Within this policy, and Preoperative/Preprocedure Verification Process is addressed. There is also a Preprocedure Hand-Off form present. This form is a bit misleading as it is essentially a hand-off …show more content…

A time-out is to be conducted immediately prior to performance of the procedure, it is initiated by the nurse or technologist, it involves all personnel involved in the procedure, the team members agree to a minimum of patient identity, correct site, and correct procedure to be performed, and all of this information is documented in the record, including those involved and the duration of the time-out.

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