After The Attacks Of September The Eleventh On The United

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After the attacks of September the eleventh on the United States the world has transformed drastically; the events of 9/11 2001 was followed by a string of similar attacks and suicide bombings all around the world that terrorism has become a major threat to our planet. With the help of the media in dramatizing these attacks, fear of terror has become a major concern to people around the world. Terrorism has somehow played a major role in shaping our world in the twenty first century and the past decade. Some of the unimportant but time consuming effects of terrorism on the average person are the long security queues at airport that god only knows their economical toll ( . Wars have been waged to fight terrorism that has put the …show more content…

After September eleventh, The United States Stock market and GDP fully recovered within the year the events took place; Despite the fact that the stock market was shut four days after the attack, then reopened again on September 17th, 2001 with the consideration that the Dow Joe industrial average fell by 7.1 percent so did the GDP by 0.5 percent. The American economy made a firm recovery after the attacks due to the American people (IMF.ORG) .
The indirect effects of terrorism are not valid for developed countries since most of them have more than one means of gaining capital. In Egypt’s case, Terrorism has destroyed the economy with no signs of firm recovery in the recent future. Before the Arab spring Egypt relied heavily on foreign investments either through investing in infrastructure developments, factories or Monterey investments in the Egyptian stock market. After the Arab spring took place Egypt has been facing economic turmoil due to its past state of instability, and ongoing terrorist threats and attacks. Despite the country 's production of goods the current deficit fell due to decline in tourism, foreign capital investments in the stock market surged out of the country and now the country’s pound has declined radically due to the country’s economic decline and for devaluation by the government in hopes to entice foreign investment (VCUDATABASE) . Other indirect effects

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