Against Bullfighting

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October 24, 2011
José Pliego San Martín

In 2010 15,000 bulls were killed only in Spain, you know why? Because of bullfighting.
Bullfighting is a so called “tradition” in Spain, Portugal and some Latin American countries like Mexico and Venezuela. Reality is bullfighting is only a constant torture to a poor bull unable to defend itself. So that you can understand me better I am going to tell you about the Spanish-style bullfighting:
A man, dressed like a clown, tortures and torments a bull with a red cape. Then the picadors keep on abusing him, provoking painful wounds that cut into his neck muscles with a pica. After that the banderilleros, blood-thirsty, with an item called banderilla weaken the bull even more.
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And it happens to more than 20,000 bulls a year!!!!!
Calling “culture” the organized sadism, violence, pain or death is an insult to one’s intelligence and to the development of our evolution. Your indifference makes them powerful! You MUST manifest your disgust against that criminal party! Don’t collaborate with that insane game! BULLFIGHTERS MUST BE SENT TO JAIL!
In recent years, there has been a sustained press interest in the atrocities involved in bullfighting

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