Age Of Responsibility Research Paper

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Age of Responsibility “Responsibility” is not just a word and “age” is not just an anniversary. Age of responsibility is a complex concept that goes beyond the unthinkable. How responsible and how mature one is should determine the rights and responsibilities one is able to acquire instead of basing it solely on age. But if there must be an exact age of responsibility, I believe it should be 21. The age at which most people are capable of sustaining themselves, and are mature enough to make changes in their lives. Two decades ago, age of responsibility was very different as it is today. Young adolescents were forced to work, so that they could help their families. They were not given the opportunity to an education and to an age transition. All of them were forced to grow up at the same age. Even though things have changed now, we are still shaped by society. We face more …show more content…

It is not safe to give numerous rights to teens that are barely getting out of their comfort zone. There are plenty of concepts that have to be learned in the transition from adolescence to adulthood. According to Professor Laurence Steinberg, “young teenagers seek out risk and have trouble controlling their impulses”. Granting adolescents important rights is similar to letting a baby grab a knife. It will be fun at the beginning, but something terrible will ultimately happen. Parents are concerned about lowering the age of responsibility as well. As I was having a conversation with my mom she stated, “ Of course I want you to be independent. But I also want you to be safe. I know it is difficult to wait for something you truly want to do. But at the end of the day the wait will be worth it. Do not rush over the chapters of your life, because one day you will want to go back and you will not be able to”. Lowering the age of responsibility would be disastrous. It will cost an extra thousand deaths per year and double that number of

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