Age discrimination

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Age Discrimination in a Promotion
Jennifer Akers
BUSI 643-D01
Workforce Planning & Employment
Liberty University
March 23, 2014 Gus Tavus is a 52-year old who had applied for a new position at Best Protection Insurance Company (BPIC). Gus position as a regional center manager was being eliminated at the BPIC. Therefore, he applied for the new position of corporate claims specialist position (CCS). Gus Tavus and the other candidates that were over the age of 40 were not consider for the new positions, therefore, showing that these candidates were being age discriminated against (Heneman, Judge, Kammeyer-Muller, 2012). BPIC did not follow protocol on the listing the new position, interviewing or selecting the employees for
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After, the candidates were offered the positions the SVPCC and the MCC did review the personnel files and the appraisals to make sure there was not discrepancy. Unfortunately, Gus Tavus and the other candidates were not the best candidates for the position. Gus lacks the technical and communication skills that BPIC need to grow into the future. Gus and the other candidates were not discriminated because of their age. Thus, their age was never consider or evaluated during the entire process. If they did meet the requirements their age could have been an added value because of their experience. The CCS position is an established position within the BPIC Company. Therefore, BPIC did not write a new job description and qualification, since the positions was already created. The company is not creating a new job, new job description and new job qualifications. They are just increasing the amount of CCS that they already have, therefore, a new job description is not needed. Thus, the reason that the position was not posted, job duties described and qualifications (Heneman, Judge, Kammeyer-Muller, 2012). BPIC is an equal employment opportunity employer and they do not discriminate against race, sex, or any other characteristics. The company has not been accused of discrimination until now when not all the candidates did not receive the promotion to the CCS position. Gus Tavus and other candidates that were not chosen could not give examples
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