Ageing Does Effect Everybody And Your Questionnaire Is

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Ageing does effect everybody and your questionnaire is precise with respect to your topic choice and outlines your intentions for this article. Furthermore, the information presented in this questionnaire closely corresponds with the information contained in your article and is very accurate and thorough. Your strongest point is the clear connection to MIMM 214 which is vey well linked to your paper.
The only suggestion from improvement is perhaps to try and either discuss the relationship between the immune system aging and cancer in your article or remove the idea of cancer from your questionnaire’s “Why” section because the connection to cancer is not clearly explained within the paper.
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The article also ends on an optimistic note by suggesting that one day there may be a cure or solution to this problem. This allows the reader to continue thinking about ways to fix this ageing problem long after reading the article because it is a thought provoking statement.
One of the main aspects to consider is the level of knowledge of the intended audience. Although the topic can appeal to everyone it needs to be easily understandable to everyone, even people who have never taken an immunology or science class. I looked over your article a second time and picked out some of the key words that I think people would have a harder time grasping without some sort of prior knowledge on the topic. The words: thymus, individual specificity, receptor, naïve T cells, memory T cells, CD28, activation and survival. Are all immunology specific terms that need a bit more explanation than what was given in the article to be properly understood by everyone. The people who can benefit most from reading this type of article are the people who know the least about the topic. Therefore, it is important to explain these terms the same way you explained the word immunosenescence. The use of the word immunosenescence is acceptable because although it is complex, it is necessary for explaining the main point in the article and

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