Old Age Cohort Is Becoming The Fastest Growing Cohort

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Introduction In today’s world, the older generations are living longer than ever before. Prior to recent times, seniors were not expected to reach their 70’s or beyond. Now, the 85+-year-old age cohort is becoming the fastest growing cohort in the United States (Transgenerational). Therefore, it is essential for the government, researchers, as well as the individuals in the growing age cohort, to fight the negative stigmas of growing older, as well as preserve their health in order to lead happy and healthy lives. The primary aim of ‘Challenging Aging Stereotypes; Strategies for Creating a More active Society’ is to inform its readers, young and old, about the detrimental effects of negative stereotypes about the elderly, as well as…show more content…
Ory and her colleagues then introduce the topic of aging and stereotypes to their readers. They discuss the different types of ageism and compare ageism to sexism and racism. The stereotypes about older people being useless, crazy, or sick are discussed more and refuted in the Macarthur Foundation Study on Successful Aging, Rowe and Kahn. The pair discusses 6 myths of aging, which range from the elderly constantly being sick, learning impaired, to having a dull sex life. The pair then discusses the reality of the previously listed myths. Contrary to the “To be old is to be sick” myth, Rowe and Khan explain that the elderly are able to function and complete everyday tasks until they are very old (Ory, 165). They then explain how it is, in fact possible to “Teach an old dog new tricks” because the human brain never stops learning, this myth goes hand in hand with “The horse is out of the barn” myth, which also explains how the elderly can learn and adopt new behaviors easily. Myth number 4 “The secret to successful aging is to choose your parents wisely” is one of the most ridiculous. Rowe and Kahn explain that a person’s health is not all determined by genetics. Although genetics has a part in determining a person’s characteristics, a person can change their characteristics through the use of epigenetics, by adopting healthy lifestyles and behaviors. Rowe and Kahn they go on to explain sexual functioning through the myth “The lights may be on, but the
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