Aggression Is A Common Term And A Key Concept

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“Aggression” is a common term and a key concept when it comes to the study of human behaviour. Aggression is different from anger. It is with no doubt that everyone will have experienced anger at some point in their lifetime and this anger may have been channelled into various forms including violence. The level of violence is variable and can even at times lead to murder.

There is a close relationship between aggression and anger; however aggression is different from anger. It can be described as an expression of anger, but this is not always the case. Many definitions have been used and as a result, it makes it hard to compare meaningfully the many studies done on the topic.

In recent times, social psychologists have defined aggression as the use of power or strength to either physically or verbally cause harm to oneself, others or objects in the environment. It is not always directly correlated to anger, but it can be done in a planned and intentional mannerModern day life has been attributed to being easily able to satisfy our human needs while at the same time making us angrier. This is because the ability of living a comfortable lifestyle has spoiled us, intensifying our expectation to an extent that the perception of anything that is short of perfect leads to aggression
Various sociologists have concluded that Human aggression is a social behaviour, based on the research that has been conducted from a range of studies. The empirical research and theoretical

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