Aging Out Movie Analysis

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In the documentary “Aging Out” directed by Roger Weisber, it is noticeable how these three teenagers (Risa, David, and Danielle) were trying to get out of the Foster Care System and become independent adults. However, each one of them struggled with their task of becoming an independent person. I will provide you with one of the sociological paradigms that I believe is strong within the documentary. Structural- Functionalism Theory, which attempts to focus on the relationship between social institutions that are made up by society. The documentary gives perfect examples of Functionalism because we can notice that those teenagers have all received criticisms from all adults who are in their lives. Criticism is a big contributor to social change (which they experienced) because people use repetitive behavior since they only do what they have applied it, to overcome problems in the foster system, all they have accumulated from criticisms and see no way to better themselves. Nonetheless, one big contributor to the way these teenagers have felt with trying to enter into society is a sociological institute, which makes them meet social needs, for example the government, it tries maintain stability and contribute to the well being, and be a society as an integrated whole. All three teenagers were in foster care and in order for them to do good in society they need to follow rules and be a certain way to succeed in the “real world” (society). Therefore, navigating from teenage

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