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I found the most recent state plan on aging at The Older Americans Act requires states to submit this plan every four years and it provides updates on legislation and activities were done over the past time period to support older adults, as well as give updates on what will be worked on in the future. It is sent to the State of Rhode Island to ensure policies are up-to-date and will provide the best care for this population. This is necessary in order for taxpayers to see where their money is going and how the RI DEA is planning to care for the older adult population. Otherwise, without this document, the department…show more content…
Furthermore, they will continue to work with SAGE to create a LGBTQ café in Cranston because the one currently in Providence has proven to be a success. Finally, the restaurant voucher program, which allows older adults to go to area restaurants instead of the cafés or the MOW program, will be expanded. Some other areas that the DEA plans to improve upon include case management and counseling services, volunteer training, providing more legal assistance, and strengthening the rights of those in long-term facilities. These relate to Title II, Title III, Title IV, and Title VII. The DEA, which is related to the OAA, is a state-funded department and each state is able to provide various services and programs for the elderly. Therefore, by producing a state plan on aging, taxpayers from each state know specifically where their money is going. THowever, Social Security and Medicare are both federally-funded and the states do not have much freedom to choose what will be updated each year. 2) Several parts of the final report of the White House Conference on Aging relate to the programs funded by the Older Americans Act. One of the main goals is to promote healthy aging and active living amongst older adults, which will be done through many initiatives including an online course regarding falls from the CDC, health provider training programs, LGBTQ outreach, and Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security

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