Agnes Of God

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The play Agnes of God is a play by John Pielmeier set in 1979 Upstate New York. In a short summary the play consist of three actors, Dr. Martha Livingstone (Kimberlee Connor) who is a court-appointed psychiatrist sent to evaluate Sister Agnes (Emily Freeman), a young nun whose new born baby has been found strangled, and dead inside of a waste basket, and Mother Miriam Ruth (Shannon Ouellette), who is an overbearing Mother nun who constantly insists that Ms. Livingstone leave Agnes alone. With Agnes claiming a virgin conception and having no memory of giving birth, and Mother Miriam Ruth unwilling to cooperate, Livingstone must figure out between the lies and the nun's perception-altering faith. In the end Ms. Livingstone is left with unanswered …show more content…

And the picture of you that was out front with all the casting actors, wow you looked gorgeous! Once again I was extremely impressed by the stage design. The back Catholic Church wall was such an amazing structure. The paint and texture that was used to build the wall, gave off the appearance of a real stone wall. The wall design was flawless, and the size and scale it in which it was done in is astounding! Ms. Livingstone office was also well placed; it kept a focus point to the center of the room. The decision to go with a see through glass desk and small offices chairs allow the stage space to seem larger and didn’t block or hide when the actors sat down or walked around the desk. The area with the steps that lead to Mother Ruth desk was also well crafted, but I felt it was not utilized enough. It was barley used and wasn’t sure if it was Mother Ruth office or apart of the church altar. The church pew was a nice addition as well. I was also really impressed with the lighting effects, especially from the church windows. I first thought the stained glassed windows were fixed lights that couldn’t be changed, but once Livingstone took center stage and began to speak the colors changed to a red color (I think). When that happened it felt like the world froze in place while she spoke, and resuming when the light turned back to a bright morning light. I also liked how the lights would change throughout the play to set a different mood. For example, when Ms. Livingstone was hypnotizing Agnes, she told Agnes to imagine herself being in water all of the sudden the room color was

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