Agrippina’s Relationship with Other Members of the Imperial Court

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Ancient Assessment – Agrippina – by Sophie Mulley Describe Agrippina’s relationship with other members of the imperial court. (10 MARKS) “Agrippina was a formidable adversary. She had political allies at all levels, acquired during Claudius’ reign, and she knew how to exploit her Augustan lineage and descent from Germanicus to the full.” – Griffin Agrippina the younger is recognized as one of the most ambitious women in history who encompasses a great desire for power, wealth and supremacy. The Julio Claudian period was solely a patriarchal society, but this didn’t mean women could not hold any influence. It is in this period we see ambitious women such as Agrippina attaining power through men. Agrippina chose specific individuals…show more content…
Though Pallas’ loyalty to Agrippina is questionable. Tacitus argues that they were lovers saying that she used her sexuality to gain political power. Her manipulative ways ensured the support she needed within the government to gain a powerful position and influence for both her and her son in the state. In conclusion, determining on the situation Agrippina was in she had made sure she had the support she needed within the imperial court to push the boundaries as woman determined for power. Thus it can be said Agrippina’s relationship with other members of the imperial court reflects the immense power and influence she had throughout her life. Evaluate the impact and influence Agrippina had on her time. (15 MARKS) “Let him kill me, so long as he rules” (Agrippina) – Tacitus The move from the Republic system to the principate, an autocratic system of government, meant the roles and status of main groups and genders of society would inevitably change. Specifically we see the traditional role of women change, going from the traditional ‘matrona’ to an independent imperial woman with a broadened influence over the state. Agrippina the younger is exemplary of this change and is viewed as one of the most influential women of her time. Ancient sources are hostile towards this ‘power hungry’ figure however modern revisionists give a deeper insight into the woman behind the hostile accounts. Nether less both ancient and modern sources agree Agrippina had a
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