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Aha Insurance - How To Winterize Your Home In 10 Easy Steps

Canadians pay wildly different amounts of money to heat our houses: The National Post has reported that a couple in Hammond, Ontario, pay about 500 dollars a month to heat their renovated farmhouse while a single man in Schreiber, Ontario, pays between 160 and 220 to heat his three-bedroom home.
So, you want to be more like the guy in Schreiber and not at all like the couple in Hammond, yes?
Home Winter Maintenance: 10 Easy Ways To Winterize Houses
1. Get Out Your Ladder – The Tallest One
Clean your gutters before the snow flies. Why? If water from melting snow and the cold rains of winter cannot easily run through your gutters and spill to the ground, it will find a way
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5. Yikes. My Thermostat Is Old-school.
While the Golden Girls version of Clue is retro and cool, your thermostat that does not allow you to program a temperature at which to begin heating your home is definitely retro but uncool. Smart thermometers like the Ecobee can save you money, if you use them properly.
6. Aha! Another Crack In The Siding.
You are into home maintenance, but did you know that even a small crack in your siding or shingles, or close to your exterior doors or windows, could cause a troublesome draft? Buy some weather-resistant caulking and discover and fill any cracks in the exterior of your home.
7. Replace Your Furnace’s Filter
Home winterizing means showing your furnace some love: Replace its filter: A smoothly running furnace requires a new filter every three months. If household maintenance is not really your thing, click here to learn how to do this.
8. Do Your Exterior Doors Have Sweep Strips?
Home maintenance means making sure that your exterior doors keep the elements at bay, including installing sweep strips that erase any space that exists between the door’s threshold and its bottom. The experts at This Old House recommend an effective twin-fin silicone sweep.
9. Snow Is Your Friend
Does it snow a lot where you live? If so, bank this natural insulator against your house as it will, perhaps ironically, help to keep some of the chilly air away – home winterizing at no
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