Taking Care of Outdoor Furniture Care for Winter Essay

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Winter's approaching. And you can tell that by the dropping temperature, changed colour of the leaves and the extra care your skin is calling for. But, we often neglect the furniture we leave outside in the cold. Like our skins, our patio and garden furniture need an extra bit of pampering too in the cold weather. We are now going to share with you the secrets of outdoor furniture care.
Basic tips for winter furniture care
If you have the space, put away your furniture indoors to protect it from extreme cold. Else, place weather-resistant covers on them outside. Take care not to cover wooden furniture as moisture could get into the wood and cause extensive damage to it. Wooden and aluminium furniture can actually be left in the open as …show more content…

Pine and oak are the most popular choices for softwood. It is readily available, which is why softwood furniture are relatively cheaper. But you need to put in a fair amount of care to preserve them. Keep in mind the following care routine.
Wash the furniture regularly with a wood-cleaning product.
Treat them with a wood stain or paint which contains preservative.
Follow this routine both at the start and end of the winter season.
Wicker furniture
Wicker is a delicate material which contracts and expands with humidity and heat. This can cause splintering and cracking. Because of this, wicker furniture cannot be left out in the cold. They must be stored indoors properly.
Plastic furniture
Plastic furniture can become brittle over time when left out during winters or when exposed to strong sunshine. So, if possible, store plastic furniture for the winter in a garden shed or at the back of the garage.
Metal garden furniture
Create a barrier to weather on metallic furniture by repainting them every two to three years. Metal furniture need to be cleaned and checked for rust regularly. Paint the furniture with rust-preventing paint. Oil the joints and fixtures to free them if they are stuck.
We would finally like to summarize our two-bits for your outdoor furniture care during winters. The best case scenario would be to store kind of furniture in a warm, dry place. However, if that is not possible, place them undercover outdoors, if possible in a shed. You may

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