Pros And Cons Of Renting

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Tips for Renters
Renting offers advantages that owning a home can’t, such as reduced maintenance costs, reduced insurance costs, no property taxes, and in the case of apartments, there is no lawn upkeep. However, you have the responsibility to maintain the rental in good condition. The terms of the lease should clearly outline your responsibilities. The following renters plumbing tips can assist in a worry free experience, and proper care of your rental’s plumbing in Arlington.
Before Signing a Lease
It’s wise to be aware of your rights as a renter, and these can vary between locations. Typically, landlords will be required to maintain a structurally sound and habitable property , to provide hot and cold water, with an efficient sewer system, to maintain a roof that doesn’t leak, and to maintain
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For example, ask if there are drainage problems, leaky pipes, faucet issues, running toilet problems, or water heater issues. If you’re going to be responsible for the repair of problems (and the water bill) with the rental’s plumbing in Arlington, it’s especially wise to identify them before signing the lease or moving in.
Never pour fat, oil, or grease down the drain, or into the garbage disposal. In addition, insert strainers into drains to help prevent clogs. Practicing preventative measures now will reduce problems later with the rental’s plumbing in Arlington. Purchase a toilet plunger for the occasional clog, and provide one for each bathroom.
Prevent Frozen Pipes
If the rental features an outdoor faucet, remember to insulate it before cold weather arrives to prevent a frozen, or burst pipe. Ask the landlord if other pipes are vulnerable to freezing. Uninsulated walls in older homes can lead to frozen pipes on exterior walls. During extreme cold, leaving the cabinet doors open under sinks can prevent frozen pipes in the home’s plumbing in Arlington.
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