Ahhh.....Just Sitting Here Thinking About This Recipe Has

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Ahhh.....just sitting here thinking about this recipe has got my stomach growling! It 's fall and the apples are abundant. Time to make pie and apple sauce! This awesome apple pie recipe uses simple ingredients that are easy to find in the grocery store. I guarantee this will be the absolute best apple pie you have ever tasted and the easiest to make! No more cutting apples or struggling to get a perfectly flaky crust, yet it will taste just like Grandma 's recipe! Ingredients List: Crust: 2 Pre made Pie Crusts from the freezer section in your grocery store 1 Teaspoon Sugar 1 Teaspoon Cinnamon Filling: 3 pounds of frozen Cut Up Apples (you will find these near the other frozen fruit in the grocery store) 3 Tablespoons of flour 2/3…show more content…
I remember Eddie 's Sweet shop when I was just a boy. Growing up in Queens, I use to beg my parents to drive me over to Eddie 's sweet shop where I would watch the employees make the homemade ice cream from behind the counter and pour a giant helping of ice cream onto a metal dish. Now, years later, I have aged but Eddie 's Sweet Shop has remained the same. It 's location still hasn 't changed on Metropolitan Avenue in Queens, NY near the movie theater. The exact address of Eddie 's sweet shop is 10529 Metropolitan Avenue in Flushing, NY in the borough of Queens. Eddie 's Sweet Shop is about as Old Fashioned as you can get. How many restaurants have you heard of that can say they still make homemade ice cream? Eddie 's Sweet shop is a true classic and the customers who go to Eddie 's sweet shop always come back for its great taste. Even more memorable than the homemade ice cream and enormous scoops of ice cream that they give you is the hot fudge they pour onto your ice cream. The hot fudge is also homemade, as are all of the ingredients used at Eddie 's sweet shop. The ambiance is very unique and well represented of a little kids store with teddy bears and kids toys scattered by the window sills. There is a long wooden counter top where the employees serve customers ice cream. Most customers enjoy sitting at the counter stools and there are also about half a dozen booths in the restaurant to
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