Ainsworth 's Theory Of Attachment

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Roxanne Keller
Instructor Hira Nair
Psychology 0101
Ainsworth’s Theory of Attachment

I chose the topic of human attachment because I think it is a beautiful thing to watch. To see an infant so instantly attached to its mother/father. It’s just an amazing thing to see and to experience. In this layout I will briefly explain the attachment theory and its origins as well as how I relate to it.
Attachment is the emotional bond that forms between an infant and its caregiver during the first year of the baby’s life. Especially with the infants parents. Attachment relationships are important functions throughout infancy and our entire life. (Ainsworth, 1978)
Psychologist John Bowlby invented …show more content…

The plan that she developed was called the Strange Situation Classification. It is the most commonly used test today in researching infant/children behavior during stressful situations.
Strange Situation Classification Procedure
• A baby and its mother are taken into a room full of toys
• A few minutes later a stranger comes into the room
• The mother leaves the room for a few minutes
• The mother returns, stays a few minutes, leaves and returns again
Observers watch the procedure through a glass window and record the baby’s behavior during the separation and reunion with its mother. There are 4 key elements that observers use to determine the babies attachment style.
4 Key Elements
1. How much does the baby explore the room
2. How does the baby act when its mother leaves
3. Does the baby show anxiety when he or she is left alone with a stranger
4. How does the baby act with its mother
3 Attachment Styles
1. Secure-Upset when mother leaves and easily soothed when she returns
2. Insecure Avoidant-Independent and do not look for the mother when she leaves
3. Insecure Ambivalent/Resistant-Clingy and dependent but rejects the mother
The majority of the children in Ainsworth’s study are securely attached.
In 1990 Mary Main and Judith Solomon invented a 4th type of attachment called Type D disorganized attachment which is when the child is afraid

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